Day: November 1, 2017

Important Information On A Hay Accumulator

Making hay is a reliable way of storing fodder once harvested from farms. The processes are highly mechanized and require the use of specialized equipment. A hay accumulator is a handy tool when making hay for both small-scale and commercial use. Purchasing the right machine is the key to making well-compacted haystacks.

How the machine works

A tractor is used to operate the accumulator. The machine has rotating metal rods that pick up the individual fodder strands as the tractor moves. The fodder strands are then pushed into a bailer and compacted into haystacks. A rope is used to keep the stacks in shape after the hay is firmly compacted.The process is, fast, reliable and requires minimal human effort to undertake.

Buying the right equipment

Hay accumulators differ regarding size and cost. Carefully analyze your needs and buy a machine that can meet your demands. Various companies deal in the manufacture of accumulators. Go for a firm that will provide a quality machine and at a reasonable price that you can afford. Visiting a showroom is a good idea if you wish to get firsthand information on how the equipment operates.

How to properly use the machine

A hay accumulator is a delicate machine and requires careful handling. Ensure proper attachment before a tractor starts moving. Only people with the right knowledge should be allowed to operate the device. It will regulate The risk of damage and possible injuries among users. Regular maintenance should be carried out to ensure the machine is working at its best. Avoid using the tool when damaged as this can destroy the device further and pose a safety risk to those using it.

How to ensure personal safety when using the machine

Rotating parts of a hay accumulator are dangerous. A qualified technician should switch off the device before embarking on any repairs or maintenance. Using genuine parts is recommended when carrying out replacements. Any form of malfunctions should be monitored and corrected. Ensure you only buy equipment from a registered dealer to avoid the risk of acquiring counterfeits whose quality and safety is not guaranteed.Consult widely before making any purchase.