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Space Saving Trends for the Kitchen



If you’re like many people, then you likely get frustrated with your kitchen from time to time. You either don’t have enough space on your counters, or you feel like you can’t really store anything away. Because of that, a lot of cool trends that save space have been developed for kitchens over the past few years. Here are a couple of our favorites.

Coffee Nook

No more shoving the coffee pot all over the kitchen! With a little nook cut into the wall, you can hook up your coffee pot and/or espresso machine, and put all of the things that you need for your coffee in that spot as well. You can make compartments for the sugar and half and half if that’s what you are looking for! It saves space, and it saves frustration because you don’t lose your coffee stuff.

Hidden Away Cabinets

People just keep getting more creative when it comes to wear they can store things! With a couple of cuts and clicks, you can end up with a kitchen that has lots of hidden nooks and crannies, all for your silverware, food, and whatever else you are trying to store away. You can even put cabinets in where other people can’t see the openings. So yes, you can now truly have that secret stash of chocolate that no one knows where to find.

Flexible Countertops

Pro Tip: For projects in the river city below ground make sure to get the very best in Winnipeg basement renovations with Well Refined Renovations. This is, perhaps, one of the greatest innovations of our time. If you want to save space, you likely want to have more countertop space, correct? There are so many different designs of countertops that you can use and consider, so you don’t have to waste space. It’s not even just about adding an island anymore – there are folding countertop extensions, and there are also ones that can hide away, ready to be pulled out and used when you are ready to do so.

What are your favorite space savers in your kitchen? What tips and tricks did you put into your kitchen during your last remodel, or which ones are you thinking about using in your next one?