How To Publish Your Ebook And Make Good Money

If you are an aspiring writer (but you have not published your first book), you should consider the ebook option. The internet has made things quite easy for both aspiring and established authors. You can easily publish an ebook and market it online successfully. However, you need to know how the electronic book industry works before you get started.

The first thing you need is a reputable publisher. You can begin with a Google search for ebook publishers if you like. Reputable firms like BookBaby, Smashwords and Lulu can help you publish your book. Other well-known publishers are NOOKpress, ebookIt, Blurb and iBooksAuthor. However, this writer recommends that you head over to and sign up with Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing. This is your best choice because Amazon has an effective organization. If you publish your book using Amazon’s KDP, you will reach a wider audience and make money. Below are some of the benefits you enjoy when you publish an ebook.

Ebook writing gives you great flexibility. You can design your own cover, fix your own price and sell your book across many devices. You can also expand the original book, publish a paper book version later or redesign the cover.

Another great benefit of ebook writing is visibility. Once your book is available online, you can create a great author profile and market yourself as a writer even as you market your book. This move will expose you to other writers in cyberspace and before you know it, you become an authority in your field.

Final Word
You want to publish your book but traditional publishing houses are giving you all sorts of difficult conditions. The good news is that you can simply by-pass traditional publishers. Take the ebook option and you will publish your book in no time.